abraham hicks- how to transfer success from one area to another part abraham hicks Transcription.. 0:00next question relates to choose translation of success 0:04on in my life joy 0:07next he we just pray just gave you the best definition about ever 0:18contrast helps you discern 0:21and the lineup with that 6aa but I'd like to talk about is moving 0:27physical success if you will in one area of your life 0:31into another one thing that is a one 0:34on my mind prison life is like what I love it I love what I and so 0:38I don't have any real resistance around food good on 0:41but there are other areas in my life for have more resistance I 0:45right but I don't really know 0:49how I got to be sewn on resistant about food 0:53I mean how did I don't know how I got that I'm really glad that I am that but 0:56how do I move that from 0:58that part of my life into different parts of my life further is more 1:01resistance well it's a 1:02it's a good awareness and acknowledging that you don't know how you got there 1:07we can understand why you do it but 1:10acknowledging that you are there is powerful acknowledging that you don't 1:14know how you got there 1:15the tracks but acknowledging that you are there 1:19add to cell just watch yourself 1:22and acknowledge how you feel cell when you say I 1:26you what I love and I love a race so I eat what I love cell 1:30that's pretty straightforward isn't it yeah cell I 1:33eat what I law saw I think when I love 1:37I play with who I love I go where I love to be 1:41I do things I love to do and other words just translate the verb 1:46eat with the burbs everything out and 1:51it will work out just really well for you not worth let's say you're 1:54gonna take a run and it's really at horrible horrible 1:59environment and used a I run where I love to be 2:03not so much here and this is like eating rotten food 2:08like eating something that I don't want how do you feel about 2:12because well you're weird a 2:17most audiences would say but shouldn't we 2:22shouldn't my mother made me eat a lot of things 2:25I didn't love so shouldn't I run places where I don't wanna run 2:30and shouldn't I hang out with people that are really horrible to be 2:33shouldn't I do work that sucks the life out of me 2:37are now I hear to sacrifice and so 2:43however you came to it good for you for coming to it now apply to everything out 2:47everything out everything else 2:51are thank you very much I was good search terms.. abraham hicks,how to manifest desires,youtube abraham hicks, abraham hicks youtube,abraham hicks quotes