He started of poor,he dropped out of high school and did a lot of drifting. but he early discovered that if you study successful people and do the things they do you too can become successful..... and if you study unsuccessful people and avoid doing things they do.... that will also help you to be a success.

Brian Tracey has done a lot of studying,,, biographies and auto biographies of successful people, Brain Tracey has studied religion, metaphysics and below are the results of his studies.....
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 According to Brain Tracey... if you have these 10 key qualities... nothing can stop you..
And the good thing is they are all habits of the mind...

Which means if you study them and apply them they can become your very own qualities

Know exactly what you want....
A lot of us humans live day by day without a clear purpose in life of a clear goal that we are going to..
this is the reason why we under achieve and life sometimes becomes very boring..
What income do you want....... is it $10000 dollar per month....? what Kind of relationship do you want?
If you don't know what you want.. then guess what... you won't get it......
also in regards to clarity  you need to be decisiveness.. make decision as they come up .. 80 percent of decisions should be made the first time they come up and only way you can do that is if you have a clear idea of where you are going...

Have  Vision for your self and for your life... have a dream..... where there is no vision people parish.... its all because there is no excitement........ 
You need to hhave your goals or dreams big enough that they will excite you but also small enough so that you can believe it...

Be Result Oriented   always know what results are expected in the end


Brian Tracey Suggests Rewriting your goal every single morning as if they have already existed this takes 5 to 10 minutes.. then every single evening reviewing your goals and see what you done for the day that brings you closer to your goals and what you could do differently.........
SO LET's Sum Up every thing under Clarity..

Ability to focus
Having a vision
Focus on Results, not activities
List your goals
Review you goals often
Speak with clarity in a straight forward manner 

Every person that become successful  become such after they committed themselves to be excellent in what they did
Decide to be the best at what you want to do.. have it as one of your intention
Determine that you are going to be the best....
set it as goal and work towards it

This explains why 20 percent of the sale people make 80 percent of the sales in any sales organization and the 80 percent makes 20 percent of the sales... it all comes down to the sales persons commitment to become the best..

Do you best every time and always strive to become better

put in the hours over 8 for survival.... and the market will pays you for excellence performance.. plant the seeds and you will get paid in magnitude
You will never have a feeling of self esteem and self worth if you are not best at what you do

and if you do not love the work you do enough to want to be thee best at it.. then get out as you would get out of a burning house because its the road to unhappy life...

So in summary
Excellence yields opportunities
Hard work yields improvements
The market pays for excellence

3. Concentration
The ability to Focus and the ability to concentrate... clearly on knowing what you want and focus fully on that one thing with deviating and loosing focus

using willpower and determination

ask yourself... what is the most valuable use of my time right now.... always
develop a sense of urgency.. this quality is possessed by only 2 percent of the population.
do things fast... fast fast.
Complete what you start....
So in summary concentration is key to effectiveness
set priorities and get the best use of your time
develop a sense of urgency
make sure you complete each task

4.Common sense

 Many consider common sense as a  major key to success... action without thinking is the cause to failure
 Listen to your Intuition..
Train you mind to think things through..
Intuition is best guide you can have.

Brian Tracey says look and reflect on your life experiences.... and you will see there is great benefit in every experiences.

so train you mind
think things through
Listen to your intuition
Kevin Trudeau calls it you inner guidance system
different input in our mind cause different action
read books, magazine to inspire your mind
one new idea is all you need to make a fortune..

as long as you have decided to achieve a goal and you focus on it and stay it .. tools will come that will enable you to achieve your goal so keep going even when the going is hard.. i Have had this said by Napoleon Hill..
Tap creative potential
Look for better ways
be flexible, ask questions be teachable

How well you get along with others
develop people skills , study behaviors of others
relationships determines success
learn to listen and always use the golden rule
being consistent in relationships... being dependable 
being steady....... you don't have to have a university education
anyone has learned to be whatever they are..
the law of accumulation is always in operation
be consistent in reading and feeding your mind
be consistent
guard your integrity with everything
never do anything that cause disruption in your peace of mind
be true to yourself..
To thine own self be true,, and it must follow as the night and the day, Thou canst be false to any man
These are believed to be the words of William 

Dependable and consistent action/ work is more superior and more profitable in the long run
Guard your integrity at all costs
be consistent in the personal development arena.. 
 that is make sure to develop a habit of reading daily even if it's just one page from a self development book..

or make sure to listen to audios daily....... since these days in years of 2013  audio trainings are becoming more and more available unlike back in the days where you would have to carry a cassette radio its much easier now with tiny devices that can carry audio messages that can change your life if you focus on them...

It's even becoming easier and easier to even watch seminars on video... in this way you can even gain more by watching the lecturer speak and act... as they have embedded success principle in their make up so much so that they are on automatic


The ability to make a commitment to a relationship, a job , a goal
every great achievement is the triumph of achievement... commitment is starting point of all achievements
no success is possible without commitment
majority of millionaires become such by being committed to what they did..
Loyalty is luck of commitment and reasons where many executives fail in there businesses..
luck of loyalty to their jobs.

SO be committed to you company, your job,
to your family and to your friends
to your self ,career and success
to your goal..

you have to put emotion and love into what you do.. if you can't do this then obviously you will fail...

Courage is the outstanding quality of all leaders
It  also comes with self belief.. it means you have the ability to confront what you fear
confront the fear.. fear of poverty then confront them by doing something about it.
Fear God because you lie then stop doing so...
always move forward
life is either a daring adventure or nothing a tall said  Helen Keller 

persist in face of adversity is a sign of courage...  and its part of success to face adversities all the time.. these leads to momentum and when you are dealing with these there is where speed and momentum will be evident... when you look back.. you will realize that any time you were faced with some kind of adversity shortly after that come a huge acceleration in your success.. take inventory and you will see this..

Develop the habit of being unstoppable.. like a rocket fired into space... or a bullet fired of....... think about yourself as unstoppable... no adversity or challenge can stop you......

So Confront your fears
dare to go forward
avoid ruts
put yourself out there
so that there is some fear in you
but don't fear to fail as you will fail
persist despite adversity


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Confidence comes as a result of practicing all the other principles..
as you start achieving some results your confidence in yourself will increase..
you will start developing success patterns in your brain..... with roots in your subconscious
behave confidently
act as if it was impossible to fail
your true beliefs are expressed in how you act.