Before You read further I WANT to give you this Warning.... PAY Full Attention........

Make sure your life is balanced .... make sure that in your habits which you are going to develop.. there will be time and space for family..that means whatever it means to you... maybe kids... descendants really are important in a persons life..

have this list of what constitutes riches keeping in mind that MONETARY RICHES comes last...

  1.  A positive mental attitude observe that it heads the list says napoleon hill
  2. Sound physical health
  3. Harmony in human relations
  4. Freedom from fear
  5. The hope of future achievements
  6. The capacity for applied faith
  7. Willingness to share ones blessings with others
  8. To be engaged in a labor of love (doing things you love)
  9. An open mind on all subjects towards all people
  10. Complete self discpline
  11. Wisdom with which to  understand people
  12. Financial security observe if you will with great benefit the fact that money comes last on the list of the 12 things that make men rich

Now how to create magnetic and addictive success habits

Before we can understand how.. let's first understand a neural pathway as explaines by wikipedia
neural pathwayneural tract, or neural face, connects one part of the nervous system with another and usually consists of bundles of elongated, myelin-insulated neurons, known collectively as white matter. Neural pathways serve to connect relatively distant areas of the brain or nervous system, compared to the local communication of grey matter.

Let us say reading a book or listening to some audio training...... this is something you haven't passionately done before so you do it... and you don't particularly like it.. it feels like wasting time or whatever... it feels like a sacrifice... however you know the success of your business depends on... your mentor has already told you this.... So you Take Action
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What happens is that a specific neural pathway develops... in your nervous system... this is the process of activating a particular path so energy starts flowing through this path.... the more you continue doing the same thing the bigger this pathway becomes and the more energy goes through..... soon or later this pathway becomes so big and magnetic that this process starts happening automatically.... some use  a term unconscious competence...

The same goes to your goals...... Start Imagining and continues doing so until it will becomes an obsessional desire and the action towards your goal becomes a joy and you hit your goal 

Some habits of successful people

They tend to listen only to experts in the field of any subject at hand....

They are in no way induced or influenced to making decisions.. they make decision according to their own wisdom

They read books.. read a lot
They listen to Audio a lot...
The speak less and talk more
They have learned the art of seeing outcomes/results before they manifest..
They spend a lot of time dream building
They have discipline and a positive attitude towards their goals..