make money online - learning from those that are doing it right now

In this blog post I'm going to share with you a list of individuals that are making money online right now

It has not been more easier before than it is today....

Considering traditional ways of making money..

1. exchange of time for money... normal average wages are around 15 dollar an hour this is even when you have a good job that pays well 15 dollar or about 10pounds an hour..

2. a traditional business of you own .. which requires absolutely hard work and thousands of hours to be able to break even and make a profit...

Here is a list of individual who have used a simple automated sales system to sell digital products that have impacted 100s of thousands of people..

They don't have to store their products... it's online and available on any electronic device that has an internet connection.. all around the whole world....

They make atleast $1000/per day and their sales system is automated.. which mean they have mastered the art of presenting their digital product  automated it... and it makes sells for them even when they are sleeping, on vaction, travelling and having a good time.... here is an accurate is the year 2013 june.. this list will be accurate anytime because of the fact that their income is constantly increasing and is residual income... bya the time you read this post these individual could making &10K ina day... actually some of them are doing just that already such as Vick Strizheus

check out this video


These ones here.. remember its june 2013 and their income will have increased dramaticall as you read this...

Maintain $30,000/month average income over the previous 3 months
Have personally sponsored a minimum of 50 customers/affiliates
Have no outstanding compliance cases

  • Shaqir Hussyin 
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  • Elite MemberPaulo Barroso (Big Idea Mastermind) Founding Member
  • Elite MemberChris Campbell / Jones (Prosperity)
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  • Elite MemberB.A.M.M. Crew (Prosperity Team)
  • Elite MemberSilvio Fortunato (Lazy Millionaires League)
  • Elite MemberTissa and Carolyn Godavitarne (TeamTissa)
  • Elite MemberMichelangelo & Lina Lopez
  • Elite MemberPaul Lynch
  • Elite MemberChuck & Christie Marshall (Team Take Massive Action)
  • Elite MemberJon Mroz (Prosperity Team)
  • Elite MemberAaron & Sophia  Rashkin (ALL IN Team)
  • Elite MemberTony & Jessica Rush (Extreme Team)
  • Elite MemberAnik Singal (Freedom Fighter Club)
  • Elite MemberLayla Staats (Toby & Layla Team Take Massive Action)
  • Elite MemberVick Strizheus (Big Idea Mastermind)
  • Elite MemberLawrence  Tam (Team Take Massive Action)
  • Elite MemberJustin & D Verrengia (Prosperity Team)
  • Elite MemberTracey Walker (The Dream Team )lite Member
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