I have just finished reading this book... and all I can say is .. You must read it... So far all knowledge and verses of religious texts seems to have as an origin .. the source of good.... in this Napoleon Hill decided that he should seek answers from the opposite side.. which is the negative side.. or what some or most refers to as the Devil..

Maybe it was because of the fact that if Napoleon Hill would say God revealed this to me.. He would be classed as a prophet and of course all prophets went through  a difficult time in teaching the knowledge that was revealed to them..

Instead Napoleon Sought after answer to problems from what would be considered as source of problems.

Even this approach was still not going to be easily accepted.. and the proof to this is that this particular manuscript was never published during his life time.. and long after his wife death... actually over 70 years since he wrote the manuscript.. it  was finally published in June or so 2011.

The book is called Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

 Here is a test. of what to expect from this mind blowing book..

In this book Mr . Hill shares moments of struggle and how he overcome .... he practically reveal how he put into action his own philosophy of success..

and then he has this interview with the devil.... He warns that however you perceive this interview is entirely up to you..

So don't get caught up in weather or not he is speaking to the devil or if he did.. because the real benefit comes  if you accept the knowledge revealed and if you understand the wisdom in it....

 here is a test of the interview..

 I have uncovered the secret code by which I can pick up
your thoughts. I have come to ask you some very plain questions.
I demand that you give me direct and truthful answers.
Are you ready for the interview, Mr. Devil?

 Yes, I am ready, but you must address me with more
respect. During this interview you will address me as
"Your Majesty."

 By what right do you demand such royal respect?

A. You should know I control 98 percent of the people of your
world. Do you not think that entitles me to rate as royalty?

 Have you proof of your claim?

Yes, plenty of it.

 Of what does your proof consist?

Of many things. If you want answers, you will address me
as "Your Majesty." Some things you will understand; some
you will not. In order that you may get my viewpoint, I shall
describe myself and correct the false notions people have of me
and my place of abode.

Q. That is a fine idea, Your Majesty. Start by telling me where
you live. Then describe your physical appearance.

My physical appearance? Why, my dear Mr. Earthbound,
I have no physical body. I would be handicapped by such an
encumbrance as those in which you earthbound creatures live.
I consist of negative energy, and I live in the minds of people
who fear me. I also occupy one-half of every atom of physical
matter and every unit of mental and physical energy. Perhaps
you will better understand my nature if! tell you I am the negative
portion of the atom.

BELOW IS A VIDEO OF Sharon Lechter,,, People from Napoleon Hill Foundation