Hello mom, friends,,
My intention in this blogpost is to share some form of appreciation and give some form of recognition for the important part stay at home moms play in our lives...


Before you finish reading this blogpost .. I will have shared with you some information you can use to make your life much more easier and of the lives of generations to come beginning with people around you...

My name is Kibiniro, atleast a few people call me by this name.. I have been known with different other names not because I 'm a doddgy person but just for fan... people around seem to give me all kinds of names and its just fun..

One of my mentor told me this... anything we do in life is for one purpose only,,, and that is   ... that in doing it eventhough people around us may object to it...... is because we want to feel better....

as I said before my intention in this article/blogpost is to facilitate for any stay at home mom or stay at home moms so that this roll they play in our live become much much more easier for them

 To be honest if you have kids and you are forced to be away from your kids... its not a healthy situation... the constant worry of how your kids are doing.. can in a long ran induce some kind of physical illness but God forbid such a thing should happen..

Majority of people do not work out of love but do it as a necessity.. money has to flow in and working a job if you do find one seems to be the easiest way..

I want you to click on this link here and see.... what else is available


Mom we do love the work you do as a mom and it's of tremendous value to all of us....
So we wish that it should be made easier for you
follow this and do this from the comfort of  home.. all you will need is a computer or device of similar nature

with an internet connection.... some money to invest and a few hours per day to work  this system....

And you will see the freedom that will come out of it... the increased happiness for you and your family..

I can guarantee you that the work you will do here will benefit everyone it affects.... this principle is so important for a peaceful life ..


1. Know exactly what you want and begin immediately go getting it,,,..

Henry Ford of Ford Motor's was once asked...
Sir... Is there anything that you want that you can't get..... Ford answered NO..

He was then asked .... How do you know that what you want you will always get..
he answered..

I have trained my mind for many years to focus on the can do part of every situation and not on the no can't do.. part..

my teacher then explained that whenever he wanted something or was confronted with a problem he focused on the can do part and the no can't do part simply took on it's heels and vanished... ,,(my teacher is Napoleon Hill and you can find some of his live lectures here  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBEvXibyZh4)

So if you clearly decide on what you want... say $10000 monthly residual income....
do what you can do.. in this case click on this link.... as you do that which you can do .. with the tools at hand so will better and more powerful and effective tools be revealed to you..

2. Repetition of you goal in you mental processes.

see in your imagination already possessing this thing you desire ..

You must repeat to the level that it becomes a burning desire,,, an obsessional desire.

3. Make sure you focus on one goal only and change once you have achieved it..
if you follow this.. everything else will fall in place..

4. Make sure you retain a positive mental attitude,,,, belief is the most important element here..

Read books daily and listen to audios of successful people daily to retain a positive mental attitude
associate with positive individuals.. or else you will not attain your goals...

Here are some audio that I know will be of tremendous value to you..

More audio can be found here..