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Napoleon Hill has a one on one interview with the devil(surprising and shocking)

Posted by KIBINIRO W KIIMA on Friday, May 17, 2013, In : News 
I have just finished reading this book... and all I can say is .. You must read it... So far all knowledge and verses of religious texts seems to have as an origin .. the source of good.... in this Napoleon Hill decided that he should seek answers from the opposite side.. which is the negative side.. or what some or most refers to as the Devil..

Maybe it was because of the fact that if Napoleon Hill would say God revealed this to me.. He would be classed as a prophet and of course all prophets...
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Napoleon Hill has an interview with the devil in outwitting the devil published 2011

Posted by KIBINIRO W KIIMA on Saturday, May 11, 2013, In : mind decolonization 
Hey friends... It looks like... Napoleon Hill had a manuscript... he never published during his life time.... Annie Lou made him promise not to do it.. because of the information in the book.... well it was written  some 2 or three yrs after think and grow rich.... and has been kept for over 70 yrs.... this manuscript has finally or maybe was intended to be published now....... it's called Outwitting the Devil... published 2011....... it reveal more info how Napoleon Hill puts his philosophy ...
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Why giving in charity will attract to you more monetary riches (SEE INSIDE)

Posted by KIBINIRO W KIIMA on Sunday, May 5, 2013, In : News 

It's been said.. give and give and you too shall recieve... Many religins teaches this... but how do i recieve by giving a way... It's difficult to grasp as some religions atually say giving is the best investment there is..... but how..

I have come across a verse in the quran... eventhough i can't really say it here word by word but it goes something like this

The like of one who gives in charity is like one who plants a seed of grain,, in a year it reproduces 100 grain and many more as God wi...
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12 Things that make men Rich Revealed by Napoleon Hill

Posted by KIBINIRO W KIIMA on Sunday, April 14, 2013,
Every one desires to be rich says Napoleon Hill but not everyone knows what constitutes enduring riches
and most people believe riches consists in only material things that money can buy..
 Now Here is a list of the 12 things which constitutes in real riches
  1.  A positive mental attitude observe that it heads the list says napoleon hill
  2. Sound physical health
  3. Harmony in human relations
  4. Freedom from fear
  5. The hope of future achievements
  6. The capacity for appli...

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Wellbeing is The Essence of Life

KIBINIRO W KIIMA Hi.. Thanks for dropping by, I'm a student of the Universal laws that governs everything.. I know you are here because of your own asking and desires.. I know you are looking for something and if you are clear on what you want ,,,you will find a clue here... Some of my teachers are the great religious teachers of religions, then the most recent modern time teacher as Napoleon Hill, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham (Jerry and Ester Hicks), Kevin Trudeau,, I also study the works of great achievers in history.. people such as Andrew Carnegie , Alexander the great, Napoleon Bonaparte. It' my desire to reach their level and also help others on the same journey..
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