This is the process you would want to do to actually win the Lottery... I call it the lottery winning theory because I'm not a teacher ... meaning i cannot teach it by example... But The Theory is being given here by a very powerful wise being that is called Abraham in our physical world.. You may apply this in anything you are doing to get better results

Basically Three simple Steps needs to be Taken

1. Know exactly what you want

example... i want 10 million dollars

2. Know that whatever you pray for is given.. meaning believe if you can desire it.. God the creator can give it to you.... also know that there is no lack of anything with the creator... Evidence actually suggests that everything you can imagine exists in unlimited numbers..

3...This is the part that 99 percent don't really grasp and master.. the part where you recieve and actually physically see your desire manifest..

here you must become the object your wanting...

meaning using your imagination your belief and faith you must become it... which means you must act be seem to be as if you already have the 10 millions... and how do you do that..

here is where your imagination plays a big part..

In a transcript below You see a conversation that takes place between a man that wants to win the lottery and the teacher responding and teaching the man what needs to take place before he can win this lottery .

I may omit some parts  but underneath you shall find where the original material is been taken from..

Conversation start

Teacher: is a non physical entity called Abraham  .. students name is unknown

Thank you, I feel exceptionally privileged to be sitting here,,,,
many years ago i had a dream that i would win the lottery
and I would definitely like to do so today.

You can't get there from there.. you can't want something you don't have and be a vibrational match to it.. you have to be what you want and then you can have it..

in other words you have to feel prosperity equivalent to your request..

you have to practice prosperity even though the dollars in your bankaccount doesn't reflect the money...

This is my statement and as i said above.. the original material will be found below.... what i want to say here is the hard part if had in getting anything we want is getting into the receiving of it.. 

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