It's been said.. give and give and you too shall recieve... Many religins teaches this... but how do i recieve by giving a way... It's difficult to grasp as some religions atually say giving is the best investment there is..... but how..

I have come across a verse in the quran... eventhough i can't really say it here word by word but it goes something like this

The like of one who gives in charity is like one who plants a seed of grain,, in a year it reproduces 100 grain and many more as God wills..

There is one person who has explained this according to my understanding .. and it is the great teacher Napoleon Hill
he come across this when he was researching what made men rich.... and was to produce the science of success ...

Napoleon Hill discovered The power of the mind.... he discovered that whatever is repeated to man through the known senses will soon or later be taken by the subconcious mind as truth.. and consequently that mind will begin to translate it into it's physical equivalence....

He discovered that any prayer which is to become reality must be repeated over and over and must be emotionalize with faith before it will become a reality...
That you must see yourself and act as if you already possessed that which you pray for... WHICH BRINGS US TO THE TOPIC AT HAND CHARITY

I was listening to Jim Rohn lecturing about how to build a network marketing business... And in this lecture Jim speaks about how when he wnet to restaurants would tip like a rich man..... because he knew he would become rich...

Giving in charity sends a powerfull message to your subconcious mind , a powerfull message of faith,,, a message that reads,, you expect riches,,, you know the money is coming so you give in advance because you know that more will be coming.........

Now Today we have a disaster at hand,,, People of this region, in Uganda have been hit by floods and the situation is getting worse.... any assistance will be deeply appreciated but you will also benefit in many other ways.... You will hhave peace of mind knowing that you helped,,,,, whatever you do to or for someone you do to or for yourself

Kilembe Hospital which is the only major hospital in the region as collapsed, bridges has collapsed

For more information contact!/mumbere.ellens.rauney
here is a message from here
Dear Friends,
We are saddened by the disaster that has hit Kasese District In Uganda after heavy rains flooded river Nyamwamba. Many have died and many have lost their homes and property. The only hospital in Kilembe has been completely des...troyed and patients had to be left without proper care.
Condolences to those who have lost their loved ones and our heartfelt sympathy to those most affected.
The Bayira community here in London have started a fundrising compaign through the Rays of hope Africa to help raise funds to help those most affected.
We are asking our friends and wellwishers around the world to help us come to the aid of the people of Kasese who have lost everything in the wake of this flood.

Rays of Hope Africa
Account: 85321260
Sort Code: 77-13-02
Bank: Lloyds TSB - London, United Kingdom.

Many thanks,

Ellens Mumbere and Williams Bukombi
Tel: +447550191924
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