ver the last few weeks since the death of George Floyd, an African American who was murdered by a White cop in Minneapolis, in the States, the #BlackLivesMatter and #AllLivesMatter have been the main chants in the protests that are gradually spreading throughout the world. 

The protests have seen violent actions such burning down banks, police offices, looting stores and supermarkets. There's been an anti-slavery pull down of statues of former slave traders and masters in Europe. 

After 400 years of slavery, Blacks across the globe still feel haunted by the racial discrimination and killings perpetrated by the Whites and other people of different colours against Blacks. 

Protests for justice, reform of the Criminal Justice System in America have been here for a long time and it's evident that they don't yield much, or when they do, it's just a ploy to calm Blacks down and then haunt them at a later date. 

But the question is how can the Black Community raised above racism and feel ‘equal' to Whites that still enjoy white privilege? 

It's simple: Financial Independence. 

My argument over time has been that Blacks ain't different from Whites in terms of capabilities. In fact, most White cities and countries have been built by black labour, knowledge and strength. We might be differently gifted, but we can all do the same things when equal opportunities are accorded. 

But we are still haunted by those that control the politics and economy of the world. Those that control the Stock Market. The banks. The Interest rates. The business models. 

So, until we can control these institutions, practices and behaviour that determine the political and economic agenda of the world, the people that control them will always stay on top like on a pyramid. 

In Africa, Nelson Mandela is regarded as a hero because in the struggle to end white perpetrated Apartheid and gain independence in South Africa, Madiba was able to negotiate a political control but left the economy in the hands of the whites. That's why whites portray and write about Madiba as a hero. 

While in instances where African post-colonial leaders that rose to reclaim their economy from white and Asian control are heavily branded as villains such as President Idi Amin in Uganda who expelled Asians and Whites that controlled the country's economy. 

In reality, Amin was and is a hero to Africans, especially Ugandans for liberating their economy and placing it in their hands but a murderer in the eyes of whites who lost control and were expelled. They hate it that Amin made them kneel down, singing praises including carrying him around, and yet that's exactly what they did to Africans for 400 years in slavery. 

If you look at the race in technology, whites still lead. And literally control everything in technology. That's an advantage over the Blacks. That's the control needed to push racism. 

But that's how we can stop racism by getting straight on top of the food chain.